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CSTD and RAD exam is the regular programme of Les Jeunesses.  The exam learning path is from Pre -School to TTA , then continue with  BALLET  or  JAZZ  streams according to student choice. Contemporary stream require student at a higher standard. For age and requirement in different levels , please refer to " Entry requirement " page  


CSTD 和 RAD考試分級課程為本學院兒童及青年國際考試部門 LES JEUNESSES 之恆常課程。年幼之學生先被分派入讀學前課程,完成 TTA 程度後按個人興趣選擇芭蕾舞或爵士舞學科。有關各級年齡及程度要求, 請參考 " Entry Requirement " 


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PRE SCHOOL 學前課程  ( 2 - 2.5 years )

學前舞蹈課程讓幼兒透過角色扮演及遊戲中學習, 加強語言和表達能力, 獲得知識與技能。配合輕鬆的音樂旋律 ,啟發思維。從活動過程中強化四肢發展,學會合群性等,幫助幼兒更加容易接受正規幼稚園的教學課程。


Pre school dance classes allow toddlers to learn through role plays and creative games, which improve their   ability of expressing themselves , body coordination, self aware, communication etc.  Dancing with music at the same time able to enhance  creativity. This course prepare toddlers to get easier with academic schooling.



PTT - TTA 基礎課程 General 


課程參照CSTD考試內容, 揉合了爵士舞及芭蕾舞的基本技巧。孩子透過輕鬆愉快的環境,學習優雅的姿態和基本舞步組合。基礎課程主要讓學生認識身體,加強協調和控制能力, 強化小肌肉和培養音樂感,啟發創意思維。在學習群體活動的同時建立良好的課堂規序和自律性。


CSTD PTT ( Pre tiny tots ) - TTA ( Tiny tots A ) level content combined basic techniques for Ballet and Jazz. Through fun and joyful atmosphere , students build elegance and learn basic steps . These levels mainly introduce simple body coordination , strengthen small muscles , improve musical  response, encourage creativity , foster communications between peers as well as  starting to develop good in-class discipline. 



課程參照RAD(英國皇家舞蹈學院) 及 CSTD(澳洲聯邦教師協會)考試內容。芭蕾舞訓練著重優美身體缐條,鍛煉肌肉耐力,柔軟度,培養優雅氣質,意志及個人自信。芭蕾舞除了是藝術, 更是十分全面之運動。動作看似輕盈, 慢和溫柔, 但需要的肌肉耐力和控制差不多是所有舞種之最。這是為什麼人們說如果懂得芭蕾舞,幾乎所有舞種也能駕馭。


This programme guided by RAD and CSTD graded exam content. Ballet training develop nice and elegant body alignment , increases flexibility and muscles strength . Beside being an art form , it is also the most all rounded sport . It seems to be a slow and soft dance form , but in fact it requires the most amount of muscles strength and control compare with many other dance genres, thus the technique very concrete. This is why people say if you know ballet you could almost master most dance genres. 




課程參照澳洲聯邦教師協會 (CSTD) 舉辨的爵士舞分級考試課程。爵士舞訓練能強化肌肉,提高肢體關節的活動能力及靈活性。有別於MV上看到的流行舞蹈,CSTD爵士舞課程教授的是傳統技巧, 多數在音樂劇或劇場看到的舞種,同時是多種流行舞蹈的基礎。爵士舞多伴隨著強而輕快之音樂,很可以表達情感之舞蹈。


The academy Jazz exam programme guided by CSTD graded exam syllebus . Unlike Jazz Funk we usually seem on MVs , CSTD modern Jazz program emphasise on technical Jazz , which is usually seen in musical and theatre performance. It provide fundamental technique training for all kind funk dance styles. Jazz dance is usually dance with strong and fast tempo music , it is a very expressive dance genre.  


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CSTD contemporary 為CSTD新編現代舞考試課程,提供現代舞技巧之基礎訓練。內容革新且富挑戰性,由於其難度高而未在本港普及。本學院特別推介舞蹈精英生修讀此課程。現代舞可簡單理解為當代新興之技巧藝術舞蹈,但有別於潮流街舞。現代舞著重技巧同時有很強的藝術風格。


CSTD contemporary is a newly designed syllabus, which provides training on basic contemporary dance technique.The academy strongly recommend outstanding student enrolling to this course  , to be the lead in local. Contemporary dance can be classicfied  as modern dance art , but it is not popular style such as hip hop / jazz funk , it requires fundamental dance technique as well as strong artistic style . 

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