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Les Danseurs has been a place I have always dreamed in my mind . 

A place to create , to share and to enjoy. 

When you dance , the world is different . 










陳氏從小學習芭蕾舞,考獲英國皇家舞蹈學院芭蕾舞八級試、高級文憑及註冊教師資格。及後開始接觸街舞,爵士舞,中國舞,踢踏舞及現代舞。多年來參與多個大型表演及比賽 ,各項舞種上均屢獲殊榮。2005年擔任香港主題樂園全職專業舞蹈員,及後回校繼續升學,並考獲澳洲聯邦教師協會爵士舞八級試,舞台試,及註冊導師資格。她於2007獲香港大學附屬學院頒受企業傳訊系高級文憑, 2008年取得英國普雷斯頓大學語文系學士學位。陳氏對舞蹈的熱愛引導她不斷探索不同舞種風格,大學畢業後同年,她考入香港演藝學院舞蹈系,獲取錄主修現代舞 ,副修編舞 , 2011學士學位畢業。在舞蹈學院修讀期間,曾與多位舞蹈家合作,包括 Dam Van Huynh (英國),John Utan (澳洲),Jamie Redfern (澳洲),楊春江(香港),林文中(台灣),等等。2011年更獲學院邀請到韓國斧山國際舞蹈節作表演交流。2014年成立 Les Danseurs Dance Academy 陳綺婷舞蹈學院。 陳氏現為學院之創辦人, 自由身藝術家及舞蹈教師。多年來曾任教於多間舞蹈學校,社區中心, 幼稚園, 中小學, 及大學等。 




Vivian Chan Yee Ting started ballet training when she was young, she has obtained the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Examination Grade 8, Advanced Diploma and Registered teacher qualification. Later, she came across with Jazz , street dance, Tap , chinese dance and Modern Dance. Vivian participated in many big scales performances and competitions , achieved numerous honourable awards in different genres learnt . In 2005 , she worked full time at a Hong Kong Theme park as professional dancer . In 2007 she is awarded with higher diploma in business communications at HKU community college. In 2008, she graduated from University of Central Lancashire Language Department. Her passion in dance led her to pursue further dance studies, at the year she graduated from university, she is being admitted by Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts School of Dance. Threes year in 2008, she graduated and attained BFA(Hons) in Performing Arts majoring in Contemporary Dance. During her study in at the HKAPA, she worked with international dance artists, such as Dam Van Huynh (England), John Utan(Australia),Jamie Redfern (Australia), Daniel Yeung (Hong Kong ), Lin Wenchung (Taiwan), etc.. In 2011, she is being invited by the academy to perform at Korea International Busan Dance Festival. Vivian is now the founder of Les Danseurs Dance Academy, Freelance artist and Dance Teacher. She has been teaching in different scale dance academies, centres , school and University Dance Societies. 





Vivian Chan ​​

Bachelor in Arts ( Hons )

Bachelor in Fine Arts ( Hons ) 

RAD Registered Teacher

CSTD Registered Teacher


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