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Our Director

Our principal and artistic director, Ms. Vivian Chan, holds double bachelor's degree in arts and fine art. She has extensive academic knowledge and practical experience in the field of dance, with a career that spans a variety of styles and learning environments.


In addition to being a registered jazz dance teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance in the UK and the Australian Teachers' Federation, she actively explores other dance styles, including street dance, Chinese dance, tap dance, and contemporary dance, and has won multiple awards in various styles.

In 2005, Ms. Chan became one of the youngest members of the opening team at a theme park in Hong Kong, joining the ranks of international professional dancers. Subsequently, she pursued a deeper interest in dance art and education. In the same year she graduated from university, she was exceptionally admitted to the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts to major in contemporary dance and minor in choreography. During this period, she cooperated with many internationally renowned dancers, including Dam Van Huynh from the UK, John Utan and Jamie Redfern from Australia, Yang Chunjiang from Hong Kong, and Lin Wenzhong from Taiwan, among others.


In 2011, Ms. Chan was invited to perform at the Busan International Dance Festival in Korea. Three years later, she founded her own dance academy, and currently serves as the founder of the academy and a dance artist. 

Her teaching experience is extensive and includes dance schools, community centers, kindergartens, middle schools, high schools, and universities.

Ms. Chan is passionate about dance art and education. Her contributions are not only reflected in dance performance, but also in her love for education and cultivation of future dancers.

Miss Vivian Chan

Founder & Artistic Director

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