Les Jeunesses 為Les Danseurs Dance Academy ( 陳綺婷舞蹈學院) 之兒童及青年國際考試部門。我們著重舞蹈藝術層面上之教育,同時推薦及安排學生參與海外專業考試,輔助學生之學習。透過國際專業機構設計之課程,學習更安全有效, 成果得到國際認可。


成為 21世紀的舞者,我們致力培育下一代全能舞者。本學院課程特別之處, 在於學生能選讀主修及副修舞種, 讓學習更全面,專業,有趣 。迎合新世代活躍,有創意的和多元化的學習, 同時著重有紀律之傳統技巧訓練。


ArtKids計劃定期舉辦有關舞蹈之活動, 使學生能更全面認識藝術, 不止於運動。除銅鑼灣,杏花邨分校外,我們在其他區域亦與不同機構舉辦課程,包括筲箕灣,康城紅磡,歡迎查詢。


Les Jeunesses is the children exam department of Les Danseurs Dance Academy. Although we focus more on the art form of dance, to assist and certify student's professional training, we introduce international dance exams such as RAD and CSTD. Students are taught safely and professionally under international designed content. 


To become the new century's dancers,  we nurture the next generation with all rounded training. Not only they will be able to choose their major and minor dance genres, they will also be able to learn dance not just a sport , but an art form , with ARTKIDS programmes.   


Beside Causewaybay, Heng Fa Chuen , we co-organising with different organisations, which classes locates in Shau kei wan,  Hung Ham and Lohas Park .


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LD.lesjeunesse/





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