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報名請親臨銅鑼灣/筲箕灣校舍  Please register in person at Causeway Bay/ Sau Kei Wan Campus 



Checklist 備忘



1)  報名費港幣一百五十元正 

     Enrollment Fee of HK$150 


2) 2 張證件近照 

    2 recent passport photos 


3) 1 張身份證或出世紙影印本

    1 copy of Passport / Birth Certificate 


4) 學費及舞蹈服訂購費用  

    Tuition Fee and  Uniform ordering fee 



* 報名前請仔細閱讀報名須知

   Please read our regulations carefully before registration  


* 學費可以現金或劃線支票繳交,支票抬頭寫上  " Les Danseurs Dance Academy Limited " 

Please make tuition payment in cash or crossed cheque payable to  “Les Danseurs Dance Academy Limited” 


* 本校保留更改廣吿上資料之權利,報名前可作確認

 The Academy reserves the right to alter and reschedule the advertised programme as necessary.

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